Y’all come on in…

Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Sherry Westfall Matthews, wife,mother, pet lover and southern artist. ..and I  am an art fanatic!  I love all things artsy… from the inspiration of the simplest things, the hoarding of art supplies (true story), the act of creation to the finished products ~ that’s all art to me.  This blog will hopefully be a good little avenue for me to share my passion with you AND for you to come along on this artistic journey!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Phil Matthews says:

    Once again you have set your sights on something, and succeeded at making it happen. Congrats!


  2. Jenny says:

    Hello! Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere. I’m watching this space!


  3. Diwanna says:

    You are amazing!! 🙂


  4. Yay!! Welcome to blog land!!
    I am so happy to be able to check in on you regularly Sherry!! Kudos on a beautiful beginning! xo


  5. Angela Albright says:

    can hardly wait to see what you do here 🙂


  6. Viv says:

    Loving your work


  7. lynne says:

    Welcome To Blogland Sherry! Fabulous to know you have set up a blog. You do know you are going to set Blogland on fire 🙂


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