One Heart, One Pulse

Art can be very therapeutic. Many times in life, I have been able to turn to art to cope, to release,  to heal.  I have made art to donate to causes; and made art to abandon – I have viewed art that has instilled in me hope. I have been given art that helped me find comfort.                                                                                                                                                                       I find myself reeling from the recent massacre of the LGBTQ community in Orlando at the Pulse and needed to channel my feelings into a creative outlet… and this piece is what came of it.  This piece along with many messages of love and support will be sent to Orlando Pride and I hope it delivers some love, some healing and comfort to those in need.

For those who might be interested , these are my thoughts- this was my process:

STEP ONE: Paint a Relics & Artifacts heart (Rising Spirit V  or Ex Voto II collection  ) and it’s flames. Lightly distress the flames.

2016-06-14 22.01.43

STEP TWO:  Add thin foil tape ( used for fingernail design art) in the design of a pulse wave. Be sure to press securely to the heart.

2016-06-14 22.03.02

STEP THREE:  Using your finger, spread modelling paste over the heart’s surface- minus the inset. Carefully remove the tape to expose the black line beneath. Let dry completely.

2016-06-14 21.59.02

STEP FOUR: Wash colors over the heart to achieve your desired effect.  Rub a small amount of Gilder’s Paste in cream  ( over the high points of the heart’s texture.


STEP FIVE:  Decorate the inset with gold paint to resemble a flame.  Add a tip of a small candle to the inset for a vigil candle. Leave extra glue in place and over the edge of the inset as well. Once the glue is set ( I used E6000) , paint it to match the candle to look like drips. (see finished piece)

STEP SIX: Paint a wooden Relics & Artifacts Tray with a grey wash. Slightly distress the finish… this is , after all, a very distressing matter. Leave a portion unfinished to show where you wish to place your heart. This gives you guidelines for the next step.


STEP SEVEN:  Print a list of the 49 names of the deceased victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting.  Cut each name into a thin strip. Glue those names into the back of the wooden tray around where the heart will be placed.  Take a moment to reflect on each name…give them purpose-send the universe love on their behalf. Add texture and paint washes to get the look you desire for your background.


STEP EIGHT: Secure your finished heart into place using E6000.  Around the frame of your wooden tray,  use a carving tool of your choice to leave 53 “scars” on the wood, representing the 53 injured survivors.  Make each mark with intent.  Leave each mark with healing thoughts.  For me, this was my finished piece.  You may find you still need to add more, or do less.  That’s the beauty of art being such a personal act of therapy- it is completely up to you and what you need.  Thank you for coming along on this creative journey with me.  I hope what I created, or the methods I used can help you in some way.

2016-06-15 12.54.03




8 Comments Add yours

  1. Phil Matthews says:

    Of course, I am a fan, not just of your art, but of you. You have the kind, loving, and forgiving spirit that the world needs now more than ever, and it shows thru your art and your actions.


  2. Penny Jarschke says:

    I am taken back, by your wonderful artowrk and tribute to those who so unnecessarily lost their lives . I am truly touched by this piece.
    Sincerely Penny


  3. Julie Lee says:

    I am moved, Sherry, not only by your incredible art, but also by this tribute to all those who lost their lives in Orlando.


  4. cmdobson says:

    This piece is truly touching. What an amazing, heartfelt tribute. You have this incredible gift of channelling just the right imaginative skills to master any feeling, any situation. You amaze me. I am honored to say I know you, and your wonderful heart.


  5. Absolutely stunning piece!!! xoxo


  6. sheila AR says:

    Sherry, this piece touches my (broken) heart and I’m sure it will send all its blessings to the Miami group. You are an angel. Thanks so much for sharing your process. Lovely. xoxoxoxo sheila


  7. A truly beautiful and touching tribute Sherry.
    Your piece is wonderful and i am sure will be so very appreciated by the group. Good for you!


  8. lynne says:

    Sherry, this piece of art goes straight to the heart. The addition of the names brings significance that is incomparable.
    Oh I have to add Congratulations on your new role as an Ambassador – I am so pleased for you!!!!!


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