Have a BANNER HALLOWEEN… or a Halloween Banner!

Projects made out of masonite tombstones from Retro Cafe Art Gallery have been added and incorporated into my Halloween decor year after year- in fact, it’s become tradition.  These banners are what I have created for this year. The vertical style would be perfect for hanging on walls, doorknobs- even ceiling fan pulls! ( just remember, if they will be visible on both sides to decorate them front and back!)  And can’t you just picture the horizontal banners strung across a mantle or window, or above a holiday display!  These are really quite simple to make- & you can create the size and style that’s perfect for you –

Here’s the How-To:banner1


Begin by dry brushing the tombstones ( and skulls) with khaki and cream craft paints. Next stamp ( with sepia ink) the woodgrain or whatever background designs you’d like.  (An alternate idea is to collage the blanks with neutral colored background paper and ephemera using a good gel medium.)  Next, rub the edges with rust and gold gilder’s paste. To finish them out- either paint, stamp or collage the letters you desire to spell out whatever holiday message you’ve dreamed up!  Drill holes in the tops and bottoms ( for vertical) or upper corners ( for horizontal) and string or wire them together.  That’s it!  And if the neutral theme doesn’t fit into your decor, go wild with color!  Sky’s the limit!!!

Links are provided in the text for the majority of the products used in the creation of these banners.







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherry! What a clever way to use those tombstones! Love this banner!! xx


  2. I love your Halloween banners! Such a great way to use the tombstones, and the woodgrain look is so cool!


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