Happy Spring Y’all!

Spring fever is going strong at the Matthews home- we’re spending more and more of our time outdoors- and now that all the pollen has been rinsed away, everything is so vivid and bright! I created this piece to celebrate the season’s change.

I started by gluing the tiny shrine together with a bit of gel medium. Once dry, I painted the shrine (and the wood finial)with a base coat of white acrylic paint. Next, the little angel was created with a bit of striped paper and a fairy head paper cuts..
Retrurning my attention to the shrine, the interior was painted with acrylics and the back and sides were adorned with washi tape and a scrap of paper. The edge and finial were painted black and white for a touch of whimsy!

After gluing the bird with a bit of gel medium, a tiny bit of apoxie sculpt was added to adhere the straight pin to the back. The clay was manipulated to resemble a wing. The bird was then painted. The bird, after attaching to the finial, was glued to the top of the shrine. “Bloom” and “Grow Through Life” was collaged to the bird and back, respectively. To finish, a few vintage millinery flowers were added and Voila!, you have my tribute to Spring!

MATERIALS:Retro Cafe Art Gallery: Charming Tiny Shrine kit (1 X 1.5),Tiny Primitive Angel art doll cut outs, El Tiny Trinket bird shrine, Tiny Fairy Head paper cut-outs

other: gel medium, craft acrylics, apoxie sculpt, washi tape, paper scraps, straight pin( ball tip), vintage millinery flowers

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Phil Matthews says:

    Love it!


  2. I love this so much. Such a sweet shrine. Your work is always amazing. Love you my friend x0x0x


  3. Sherry, your shrine surely does bring up spring- even summer! I love your use of black and white with the colors- so much fun! How sweet this is!


  4. Leslie Gray says:

    It’s fabulous! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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