Tombstone Treat Box

It’s my favorite time of year! I can always get in the Halloween mood when the Retro Cafe Art Gallery tombstones are released. A new set every year! And the new 2017 tombstones do not disappoint! I love to put together goodie bags for the special kids in my life and had originally planned to make tombstones as tags for those treats. I got to thinking though… how fun would it be to put them on a box and make that interactive ? Can’t you just see them filled with pixie sticks, colored pencils, or those selfie props that come on a stick? How about for a Halloween party- fill the box with straws, or silverware, or even a few dried flowers for a centerpiece! Let your imagination run wild!

Here’s how I made this tombstone:

Step One: I gessoed the tombstone front and back.Then,painted a small circle white and painted dividing lines in that circle. I added Tim Holtz Halloween Remnant Rubs words to those divisions.I edged the sides of the tombstone with black and white paint.

Step Two: I painted the tombstone front and back with a few shades of green. Then I decorated it with more Tim Holtz Remnant Rubs.

Step Three: I glued eyeball design paper to the inside of the ATC box kit pieces. I then assembled the box. Next , crackle medium was used on the tombstone and a hole was drilled for the game spinner. The outisde of the box was decorated with scrapbook paper, washi tape, and some Time Holtz Halloween ephemera.

This was fun to decorate and it’s even more fun to think of all the treats that can be tucked inside!

Links for the Retro Cafe materials are provided in the materials list:

One Gothic Tombstone of your choosing (shown a tombstone from set VI)
ATC box kit, chipboard
gel medium
Tim Holtz Halloween Remnant Rubs, Halloween Ephemera Cut Outs, Game Spinners
Deco Art acrylics
Deco Art One Step Crackle
assorted Halloween themed scrapbook papers, washi tapes

4 Comments Add yours

  1. codyrachel says:

    This is so great easy but what fun to have a few around the house to limit kids intake of Halloween candy or even for a party – etc. etc.


  2. Best treat box ever! The spinner is amazing!


  3. Brenda Austin says:

    I love the ideas!


  4. These are just too cool Sherry!! I wanna trick or treat to your house! heehee


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