Tarot Tombstones

Wald Amberstone said, ” This universe speaks directly, even sings, to poets, primitives, mystics and children, and through Tarot, everyone can hear its song.”

For the 2017 Tombstone Swap at Retro Cafe Art Gallery, I decided to make a series of tombstones based on the art and idea of the story-telling cards, The Tarot. This swap has become tradition at our house. My 12 year old daughter joins in and we have a blast creating together- not only the tombstones but the memories too! We’re both creating based on games this year. I hope whoever gets these enjoys them as much as I enjoyed creating them! Here’s a quick break down on how they were made:

Step one: I typically start projects with an idea sketch or at least a few brainstorming notes. The tombstones are perfect for this because you can lay them down and trace the shapes… then sketch your ideas to scale! Sometimes, I do vary from the sketches a little but I find this a great way to work out my ideas.

Step two: Paint the tombstones a neutral tan color. Then stamp some background imagery onto the paint. This just gives an extra visual layer- I’m all about some layers!
Step three: Add your clay layer. I sculpt directly onto the masonite tombstones (using a bit of Liquid Sculpey to adhere it) then bake according to manufacturer instructions.
Step four: Paint with craft acrylics.

Here’s a few photos of the individual tombstones.

Thanks for looking!! Hope you’ve enjoyed my tutorial!

Materials list: ( link for the tombstones and swap details are provided in the text)
Gothic Tombstone bases (set VI)
Sculpey clay/ Liquid Sculpey
Deco Art acrylics paints
rubber stamps ( for background)
brown or black ink pads

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Holly M. says:

    These ATCs are just fabulous. I don’t know why I never thought to bake my clay right on the substraight I’m working on. That opens up a whole slew of new ideas for me. Thanks!


  2. Brenda Austin says:

    Love! Love! Love!!!!


  3. danatatar says:

    Wow! Amazing work. I love the level of detail on each piece. Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. So beautiful! I love your vintage backgrounds too!


  5. Kitty T says:

    Wow… I’m not sure what else to say!! Totally awesome!


  6. Your sculpting is out of this world incredible Sherry!!! These blow me away! Bravo!!!
    Jackie xx


  7. Having received El Diablo in the Retro Café Art Gallery Tombstone Challenge, it was a fun surprise to see it in the white clay stage when I found your tutorial today. These are awesome!


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