A Trio of Tricks and Treats!

Halloween is my favorite holiday- partly because I am never at a loss for inspiration during the All Hallow’s season. And when I decided to make an an art doll for my Retro Cafe Art Gallery monthly tutorial, I couldn’t stop at just one! Hope you enjoy!

I began my Halloween Hag brush doll with the Retro Cafe Art Gallery skinny paint brush articulated art doll kit. Because I already had a brush of the same size and shape partially distressed ( I left it in a cup of paint water over a week), I used it in place of the one that came with the kit. I saved the fresh one for another project. I distressed the brush a bit further with watered down acrylics and touches of patina from the Verday Patina set. Next, I collaged the art doll body with a bit of scrapbook paper and trimmed the head and shoulders portion off of an antique skeleton illustration cut out, also from Retro Cafe.( The wings that came with the kit were saved for the Day of the Dead angel you’ll see later in this post.)

I drilled a hole through the doll body and the paint brush and ran the wire arms through the holes. The doll body , a bottle cap halo,her skeleton face and other embellishments- such as her brass brass owl, a word cut out, and a skull and feather topped staff were adhered using gel medium.

Voodoo Dolly

The “sweet” child holding her voodoo dolly ( still in it’s coffin case) was a quick project. The dolly was created with a bit of polymer clay- baked and painted… then glued into a tiny trinket coffin shrine. Her dress was painted onto her primitive angel body, her sugar skull head was adhered with gel medium and wire arms were added to hold the coffin.

Talavera Angel

Another primitive angel body was painted as well as the wings from the articulated brush doll kit from above. I even painted the art doll head paper cut to resemble a sugar skull. A flaming heart tiny trinket shrine was added with a center metal rose embellishment. Next came the wire hanger! Quick and so cute!

Hope you enjoyed the projects! Feel free to leave me any questions or comments. Here are the materials used for the Trio of Tricks and Treats: (LINKS ARE PROVIDED FOR RETRO CAFE ART GALLERY SUPPLIES IN THE TEXT ABOVE for your convenience )
VooDoo Dolly- sugar skull paper cuts ( black and white), small primitive angel art doll cut-outs (short), el tiny trinket coffin, polymer clay, wire, craft acrylics, gel medium

Halloween Hag Brush doll- skinny paint brush articulated art doll kit, antique skeleton illustration paper cuts, Verday patina set, brass fancy owls (set of 2), wire, gel medium, paint, skull bead, Tim Holtz word sticker, rusty bottle cap

Talavera Angel-
Santos art doll head paper cuts(set II), small primitive angel art doll cut outs (tall), el tiny trinket shrine flaming heart, craft acrylics, metal rose, gel medium

8 Comments Add yours

  1. codyrachel says:

    OMG ! You are so amazingđź’– I love each one ! And since I’m determined to keep Marcella in beautiful clothes ! I believe I have everything proud used from Retro Art CafĂ©! Thank you !


  2. codyrachel says:

    You used not “proud used”
    I really must proof read everything before I hit the go button!


  3. You are so talented Sherrie! Your art makes my heart swoon!!
    Jackie xx


  4. writersenvoy says:

    I love all these you are so talented.
    Inspiring..I feel like making stuff today


  5. Brenda Austin says:

    You are so talented! Great job!


  6. That skeleton baby is THE BEST! Love all three!


  7. Tough to choose, but for my favorite I’m going with “Hag” Love the patina on the metal pieces, skull pattern on the dress, wire arms holding that scary staff, wow! Love the other two, as well, especially the voodoo baby, and the way you altered the face on the third by painting sugar skull features. So, so cool …


  8. What an amazing collection of Halloween cuties! Yes! Cuties!!! Love them all!


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