Holiday Magic

For a big kid like me, everything about the holiday season is magical… from the twinkling lights to the scents & sounds- and who can forget Santa!
My childhood home didn’t have a chimney. What a major source of anxiety that was for young me! (LOL)
This ornament is my tribute to the “magic” key I was given as a child to alleviate those fears.

First, I collaged some striped paper onto the escutcheon plate. A little piece of patterned red paper was used for the frame inset ( along with a few Tim Holtz word stickers). Next, Sculpey was applied directly onto the masonite key cut-out to create the Santa, then baked.
The key and frame were glued in place along with a decorative brass keyhole.
The back was painted a mottled green and both sides were stamped and embossed with gold snowflakes. A quick tassle was made with a deep red embroidery thread for the bottom and wire was added to create a hanger. Now Santa can spread his HOLIDAY MAGIC wherever he goes!

Retro Cafe Art Gallery items:
Escutcheon Door Plate Frame- Style 2
Antique Skeleton Key cut-outs (masonite)
Superfine Detail Embossing Powder/ Ranger/ Gold
Emboss It/ Clear Ink Pad
other supplies:
Sculpey Clay, Scrapbook paper, snowflake stamps, Tim Holtz chit-chat stickers, brass keyhole plate, embroidery thread, wire,acrylic paints, adhesives: UHU Stic, E6000

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sweet ornament! I like the key matched with the key hole plate!


  2. Brenda Austin says:

    I love my Santa key!!


  3. What a sweet ornament with a great story behind it! I had never heard of the “Santa Key” before.


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