There’s SNOW place like HOME!

We RARELY get snow in ALABAMA! But this past few days, my town has been blanketed in the white stuff! We’ve made snowmen, snow reindeer, snow angels, snowballs, snow cream…well, you get the idea- we have taken full advantage of the nearly 7 inches of snow we received.
As I’m sure you can imagine, we aren’t the most prepared for the cold that snow brings. With near record low temps, we were freezing while we played. My cold weather gear just doesn’t hold up to temps in the teens- so frequent breaks to go inside and warm up were necessary. While the snow was a blessing for sure, I have to say there really is SNOW place like home- sitting by a cozy fire, snuggled with a warm plate of food and a furry pup or two by our sides- it was heaven! These ornaments bring to mind that feeling of coziness. Of welcome. Of warmth. Hope you like them! Here’s a quick rundown on how they were made:

First, paint your masonite pieces (cameo frame, and house )with craft acrylics. Then cut a piece of lace and using fabric glue, secure it over the snow area. Dry brush it white. Then add the frame to the cameo and the tiny house to the scene with E6000. You can choose any color scheme you like- I went a little folksy and rustic with mine, but wouldn’t these be lovely in vibrant colors and glittered?

Next add some chalkboard paint to the backside and include a holiday message in white acrylic paint.
Now add a bit of ribbon to create a hanger! Easy peasy!

Happy Holidays and Warm Hugs- from my home to yours!

Retro Cafe Art Gallery medium baroque layered cameo frames (set of 3)
Retro Cafe Art Gallery house charms, el tiny trinkets (set of 3)* I only used the bottom of the shrine charm pieces- that leaves you three more house pieces for later use!
DecoArt Craft Acrylics
Chalkboard paint, DecoArt
fabric glue
lace, ribbon

3 Comments Add yours

  1. These are adorable Sherry!
    I am so happy that you got so much snow and your children were able to enjoy it!
    Merry Christmas to you all!
    Jackie xo


  2. Phil Matthews says:

    We sure have had snow fun!


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