Queen of Halloween 2018

It’s that BEWITCHING time of year again… time for All Hallow’s Eve, which is , in my opinion, the most wonderful time of year. There’s a magic in the air- and my creativity seems to be recharged in the crisp night air of Autumn.
At the Matthews household, we go all out for Halloween. My daughter, Zoe , and I conjure up costume and decorating ideas ALL year round. I call her my little “Queen of Halloween” and every queen needs a crown befitting her title, right?
So with a set of Retro Cafe Art Gallery tombstones in hand, I set my sights on fabricating this piece for her. Toss in an altered thrift store gown and a little fantasy makeup- Zoe was royally transformed! In this tutorial, you can see how I made the tombstone crown and, perhaps, even create your own (if you DARE)….
We were extremely fortunate this year because the talented photographer, Vincere Noel, was in our area and agreed to capture this bit of our holiday with his magic lens. We jumped at the opportunity to work with him. ( To see more of his work, visit vincerenoel.com or find him on Instagram –VincereNoel . He’s also on facebook as Vincere Noel Photography ) If luck is on your side, you might just be able to schedule an appointment with this remarkably talented photographer.

The How-To:
Begin with a base for your crown. Mine was a salvaged bridal veil with a wire form and lace overlay. I removed the tulle netting to start.
Next, I drilled a couple of holes in the middle of my masonite tombstones and ran a length of wire through them. This basically turned the tombstones into buttons to attach to the crown base.
I then covered the tombstones with little bits of lace and crochet using fabric glue. I let that dry thoroughly.
I added a little skull jewelry finding with E6000 glue to one tombstone. And two eye shaped jewelry components were added to the remaining tombstones using Apoxie Sculpt (stamped to add filigree detail). Once the glue and clay were set, the tombstones- as well as the crown base- were painted black and then dry-brushed with gold paint. The tombstones were attached to the crown base using the wire that was previously threaded through the holes.20180827_092102
To add height to the crown, I twisted a little apoxie sculpt onto bamboo skewers to create finger-like appendages. (They were also painted black, then gold and glued to the back of the tombstone crown with E6000 adhesive.) A few decorative buttons were also added to give a little more pizazz!

I think the final result is hauntingly beautiful-

May your Halloween Season be filled with magic and inspiration- hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. And my most heatfelt appreciation again to Vincere Noel for sharing your photographic talents to make this Halloween fun a most memorable adventure…Your work puts a spell on me!

Retro Cafe Art Gallery: tombstones, crowned skulls, eye components
basic supplies: Apoxie Sculpt, E6000, crochet doilies, lace, fabric glue, rhinestones, wire, decorative buttons, bamboo skewers, black acrylic paint, gold acrylic paint

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann B says:

    Wow, this is such a beautiful crown, she looks stunning! I love that you get into the spirit and how fortunate to have such a talented photographer capture these special moments! xxx


  2. There are no words! Your crown is BEYOND gorgeous, as is Zoe and these AMAZING photos. Hauntingly beautiful for sure! XOXO


  3. Holly M says:

    Your Halloween crown has completely blown me away. It surely must be magical, for it has bewitched me and I cannot stop looking at it.


  4. Julie Lee says:

    This is just brilliant! The crown is a wonderful work of art and Zoe looks amazing in these wonderful photos. What magic you have created, Sherry.


  5. Brenda Austin says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!


  6. Sherry and Zoe, this is beyond Magnificent! I was totally taken aback the first time I saw this and now that I have seen how you created it, and Zoe styles this crown, I am completely gobsmacked! I bow to you, queen of the designs!
    Zoe, you totally rocked that crown and your makeup and gown are out of this world- you gorgeous young lady!
    Kudos to Vincere as well on his beautiful and haunting photography skills!
    Jackie xx


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